2009 Reunion

The reunion in Wytheville in June was a wonderful success! We had great conversation, good discussions, lots of sharing, hearty laughter and good food. The Dunkleys extended their warm hospitality to all of us during our visit to the farm, followed by the picnic at Raven Springs just across Cripple Creek, and the visit to Beverly Mill where we bought Cripple Creek tee shirts decorated with the Gleaves House and Gleaves Knob. Agnes Davis visited us one morning and shared her memories of the Wythe County Gleaves and even entertained us by singing a song called "Going up Cripple Creek to have a little fun".

It was also a time to say "Thank You" to Jean Gleaves and Helene Miller for their service as officers in the Family Association. In Activities: Business section you can read the minutes of the business meeting that recaps the election of new officers and other concerns of the Association.

Cathy Reynolds, the archivist in The Kegley Library at the Wytheville Community College, visited on Thursday and told us about the different types of research materials available there. She also provided detail listings on the contents of the vertical files pertaining to the Gleaves family and our collateral lines. These have been loaded into the Family History section under a new category called Resources. Click here to view this information.

In the business minutes, there is an item regarding adding documents to the web site. A Documents section has been added to the Family History area for these. Now we just need some documents! See the section for information on sending these.