August Reunion Update

August 18 email

Debbie Gleaves
6206 SE 60th Street
Lawton, OK  73501

Hi Cousins,

Some exciting happenings since last month's newsletter. Cousin Jim Gleaves of Idaho sent the neatest flash drive. It has old pictures of TB and Nancy's children, and an extensive collection of pictures of David Alexander's family.  Cousin Gwen Barker of Oklahoma has a civil war tin with an unidentified man's picture in it.  Could it be a younger picture of TB or maybe one of his brothers?  We will need help identifying him at the reunion.

TB and Nancy's family Bible will be on display under glass.  The Bible is in very fragile condition and must be protected.  Many pages have been copied and are available for viewing on the Gleaves Family website.

On the agenda for Friday morning, we have added a local historian, Judy Tracey, who will do a re-enactment of a 1920's one-room school right in our conference room.  (You cousins will be the students.)  She will give us a quick snapshot of what was happening when TB and Nancy were first settling into Oklahoma.

We are fortunate to have a professionally bound set of Gleaves genealogy books authored by Dennis Glaves.  Yes, he is a Gleaves. (Robert will mention that in his session on Saturday.)  Alice Hix will be bringing a few sets to have for sale at the reunion for $95 per set.
            "The Descendants of Matthew Gleaves" by Dennis Glaves (only 11 left)
            "The Gleaves of Middle Tennessee" by Hilda Barnes. (only 7 left)
Each book is $50 or you can buy both, the set is $95.  Both sets have information about Blunt and family in them.  They can be viewed at  By prepaying, you can guarantee having a copy(copies) as long as they are available (see number remaining above).  Checks should be made payable to Gleaves Family Association and I will forward the checks to Paula Poll, association treasurer for deposit into their account.  Once these remaining copies are sold, there will be no more.  Even if you are unable to attend the reunion, you may order the books using the address above; just include $10 for shipping.

The Gleaves Family website has a wealth of information and I encourage you to check it out.  Just google "Gleaves Family".  The website is a continuous expense and to help with funding, we would like to have an auction.  If you have a craft item, unique item, or anything of interest to donate for the auction, it would be greatly appreciated.  By the way, do we have any auctioneers coming?

Finally, my request is that you go ahead and send your registrations.  Early registration assists in knowing how better to plan.  We are at a critical point in knowing whether we need a small (45 - 50 people) or large (50 - 100 people) conference room.  The Elk City Chamber is making up special packets for the reunion and I need to let them know how many we need by the end of this month.

For hotel information and previous newsletters, go to the Gleaves Family website.

Question:  So was TB a "Boomer" or a "Sooner", neither or both?

Fact or Fiction:  TB almost had a gun fight over his 160 acre claim during the land run.

We are having a Family Feud on Registrations.  Come on Arthur Neely family help me out.

David Alexander's Family     12

Arthur Neely's Family           3

Jacob's Family                    2

Until next month,
Debbie Gleaves
6206 SE 60th Street
Lawton, OK   73501