The Time for the Reunion is Here!

Calling all Gleaves Cousins!!!

It’s time to hitch up your horses and get ready to move on out for the 6th International Gleaves Reunion in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee starting on Wednesday, October 10, 2012.  Agendas are being finalized, handouts are being printed, tee shirts and caps are being made, name tags are being prepared (even with colors for your family line), delicious food is being ordered ……..arrangements are all coming together in anticipation of yet another great Gleaves Family Reunion!

By now you should have collected your family pictures, documents, and memorabilia to bring with you to share, either the originals because we can scan them on a handy scanner that will be there or copies on a CD/flash drive will do.  By all means you should be finishing up getting your auction items in order.

You can let us know you have arrived by showing up in the lobby of the Quality Inn about 3 in the afternoon.  We are going to be so glad to see you that we are going to give you a reunion booklet  with lots of good things in it like the agenda, maps and even a Gleaves word search puzzle and if you bought a tee shirt and one of those fancy ball caps, we are going to give you that too.  

About 5:30 p.m. we will head on over to Courtney's restaurant for supper as they are expecting us at 6 p.m.  The attached map will get you there. Else use this link for their web site:

When you find the place, sit yourself down in the room reserved for us cousins and give the servers your drink order.  Once we all get there by 6 p.m. and don't you be the slow poke, we will say grace and head for the feed line where you will find fried chicken, lasagna, country fried steak, jambalaya, lots of good for you vegetables and delicious desserts.  Check below for the meal prices because when you get to the cash register, they are going to add an 18% gratuity to your tab and we don't want no surprises there. After we are done eating, we are going to hang around and say Howdy and Glad to see you and Glad to meet you for we are a right friendly bunch..

Thursday morning we will really get into the swing of this reunion at Victory Baptist Church.  There's a map attached to get you to the church on time.  We are going to start at 9 a.m. on the dot cause we got lots of reunioning to do!

A while back at the Oklahoma reunion, a mighty bright cousin had a fancy recording contraption that captured everything we did and put it on that Gleaves web thing for all to see.  Wonder if we got any bright cousins coming to this here reunion that can do the same thing for us?  No use those Oklahoma Gleaves showing up the Tennessee Gleaves. So if you can do this and are willing, give a holler toAliceHix @ and tell her how bright you are and what you can do..

We checked with the weather man to see what kind of weather he had in store for us and it looks like we better bring a jacket along with those auction items or we might be bidding for the jacket off of some cousin's back.

Cousin Fran Nichols is looking out for her kin folk and said to tell you "that we have not had frost here.  That means there will still be ticks and chiggers at the cemeteries.  Cemeteries have been mowed but it would be best if you wore shoes and socks.  Not sandals."  (The restaurants in these parts want you to wear those shoes and socks too).

Here are those Courtney's Prices we promised you
Meat & 1.................$5.26
Meat & 2.................$6.18
Meat & 3.................$7.09
Meat & 4.................$8.01

4 sides...................$5.26
Kid's Meal...............$3.25
(meat & 1 side)

 (plus sales tax)

We are looking to see you soon and waiting for a warm welcome hug, particularly with those cool evenings.

Good talking with you.  Got to go find my grandpappy's picture and family Bible. 

We'll leave the light on for you.