Nathan Allen Bible

from Robert Allen:

Attached is a copy of 5 pages from the Nathan Allen bible.  Frank Hardee Allen possessed this original bible until his death on February 28, 1995 and is believed to have left the bible to his son, Thomas Allen.  Frank Hardee Allen formerly worked at the National Archives and was very particular about records.  He would not send me a photocopy of the bible when I asked because it was too fragile to photocopy.  He did send a notarized transcription of the bible that he made in July 1978 that I believe to be accurate.
I am sending the title page.
On page 7 of 16 of the transcribed bible it states "Nathan Allen and Sarah Gleaves were married Sept. 6, 1810, in Wythe Co., Va."
On page 9 of 16 of the transcribed bible is a complete listing of the children William Gleaves and Elizabeth Turk.
On page 10 of 16 of the transcribed bible it states "Sally Allen died March 11, 1862, aged 72 year, 21 days."    It also states "Nathan Allen died July 13, 1871, aged 89 years, 8 mos., 13 days.  Sally Allen was Sally Gleaves, daughter of William Gleaves and Elisabeth Turk, wife of Nathan Allen.  Obviously, the entry for the death of Nathan Allen and all entered after his death were made by somebody else besides Nathan Allen, probably by his son, Nathan Perry Allen.
On page 6 of 16 according to Frank Hardee Allen's sequence says "A loose sheet in the bible (at page 16) contains the following information in pencil:"  It goes on to list the death information of "Grandmother Jane Allen" and the names of her sons and daughters (and spouses of her daughter) and the brothers and sisters of Sallie Gleaves.  It is believed that these notes in pencil were made by Nathan Perry Allen, son of Nathan Allen.  Jane (Turk) Allen was the sister of Elizabeth (Turk) Gleaves, wife of William Gleaves who died in Wythe Co., VA, in 1820.

I am sending you these 5 pages (including the title page) and am willing to send you the other pages that related to the Allen family.  You have my permission to list this with credit to Frank Hardee Allen at the Gleaves Family Website in the bible section