2009 - Redesigned Web Site

At our 2005 Reunion in Nashville, Tennessee, it was suggested that we develop a web site for our Gleaves Family Association.  We had no idea at that time what a success this venture would turn out to be.

We have added family history books written by our members, included cemetery information about Gleaves burial locations, and added historical letters written by and for our Gleaves ancestors.  We have posted information about past reunions as well as information for future reunions.

Most of all, the site has allowed us to reach out and find unknown (to us) family members.  We have heard from people all over the world.  Cousins have contacted us wanting to know how they fit into this family.

As a result of all of this activity, we outgrew our old site.  We had reached the limit on the number of cemeteries we could add.  Navigating the letters was awkward, cumbersome and time consuming.  Our repository for pictures incurred an annual fee.  We only had search capability for our letters.  In other words, we were bursting at the seams.

After much discussion with our web site server provider and research on other possibilites for the site, we have decided to continue with our same server provider and use their current, state-of-the-art software to maintain the site.  All of the content from the existing site is currently being moved to this site using the new software.

Please browse through the site and look at the changes:

  • Content has been moved to a more logical arrangement
    • all family history items are in a section together; 
    • activities of the association have been moved together showing both the business of the association and family member activities such as cemetery cleanings, hobbies, etc
    • the gallery shows a cover for each of our picture albums.  These can be clicked on and the entire album easily viewed.
    • our ever important Contact page has a new optional ability for you to indicate your Gleaves line in the communication
  • There is a new navigation path at the top of the page content (called 'bread crumbs' in the industry) to help you find your way back out of the 'forest' you have wandered into.
  • A search of the site is soon to be available that will search ALL of the content on the site, including the histories, cemeteries, letters, etc.

We currently have the money to cover this expense, but it will use up most of our treasury.  You might like to become a member of the $100 club or renew your membership (see the 2009 business meeting minutes for more information).

As always we want to hear from you.  You can use the Contact page to reach us.  Tell us what you think of the new site/design; what would you like to see added/changed; would you like to contribute to the content of the site or even to the cost.  In other words, whatever is on your mind.

Enjoy this Labor of Love!