G.A.R. Cemetery

Miami, Ottawa County, Oklahoma


2801 N. Main
Miami, Oklahoma 74354
Phone: (918) 541-2288



Birth Date

Death Date


Gleaves, Sarah Ellen Thomas

28 Mar 1867

28 Apr 1931

Wife of Jacob T. Gleaves

Gleaves, Bud

7 Jan 1905

25 May 1958

Son of Jacob T. & Sarah Ellen Thomas Gleaves

Gleaves, Bessie Evelyn Perdue

8 Feb 1909

3 Aug 1987

Wife of Bud Gleaves

Gleaves, Gary Lynn

7 Jun 1944

7 Jun 1944

Son of Bud & Bessie Evelyn Perdue Gleaves



  • GAR stands for Grand Army of the Republic
  • The earliest recorded stone is dated 1892.
  • There are over 86 acres with approximately 18,000 burials.


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G. A. R. Cemetery Relationships

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