Gleaves-Clements Cemetery

Hermitage, Davidson County, Tennessee

Gleaves-Clements Cemetery


  • From Nashville go east on I-40 to exit 221B in Hermitage, TN.
  • Turn left onto Old Hickory Blvd.
  • Go 0.2  miles north to intersection of Central Pike at the red light and turn right onto Central Pike.
  • Go 1.8 miles to the Davidson Wilson County line and turn right onto Earhart Road.
  • Go 1.5 miles to the house at 3388 Earhart Road.  The cemetery is located off the road behind this house.  A sign says Gleaves Clements Cemetery.
  • Parking is limited.




Birth Date

Death Date


Ballentine, Lewis J.

3 Feb 1907

6 May 1907

Infant son of Newman & Cora Gleaves Ballentine

Ballentine, Margaret L.

14 Feb 1920

8 Nov 1926

Daughter of Newman & Cora Gleaves Ballentine

Ballentine, Cora Ann Gleaves

22 Feb 1885

23 Nov 1984

Daughter of William Edward & Annie Eliza Sanders Gleaves; wife of Newman C. Ballentine

Ballentine, Gracie Louise 17 May 1909 21 Mar  1974

Daughter of Maggie O. Gleaves & Alonzo 'Lonnie' G. Ballentine

Ballentine, Dovie Lee   1919

Daughter of Maggie O. Gleaves & Alonzo 'Lonnie' G. Ballentine

Clements, Lottie B. Gleaves

13 Apr 1898

3 Apr 1965

Daughter of Henry Peter & Sarah M. Gleaves

Clements, William ‘Willie’ Cecil

19 Apr 1914

9 Dec 1992

Son of Lottie B. Gleaves

Clements, Ollie Mae Goodwin

1 May 1920 11 Jan 2004 Wife of William Cecil Clements

Clements, Billy Alvah

2 May 1939

8 Apr 1999 

Son of William Cecil Clements, grandson of Lottie B. Gleaves

Clements, Francis M. “Doc”


10 Feb 1940

Husband of Indiana Gleaves

Clements, Caldonia Indiana Gleaves

7 Dec 1840

14 May 1924

Daughter of James Robertson & Elizabeth Wood Gleaves; wife of “Doc” Clements

Gleaves, Robert Hughes

12 Feb 1825

24 Mar 1853

Son of James Robertson & Elizabeth Wood Gleaves

Gleaves, Monroe

4 Oct 1858

21 Aug 1940

Son of James Franklin & Mary Alice Baker Gleaves

Gleaves, Mary Alice



Research is still begin done to determine if this is Wife of Monroe Gleaves or Wife of James Franklin Gleaves & mother of Monroe Gleaves

Gleaves, Leon F.

9 Feb 1901

10 Sep 1968

Son of Ben F. & Ella Ruth Courtney Gleaves

Gleaves, William Carroll

17 Jul 1829

6 Jun 1909

Son of James Robertson & Elizabeth Wood Gleaves

Gleaves, Delilah Baker

23 Apr 1833

26 Nov 1912

Wife of William Carroll Gleaves

Gleaves, William Edward

14 Nov 1849

16 Apr 1939

Son of William Carroll & Delilah Baker Gleaves

Gleaves, Eliza Ann Sanders

26 Apr 1853

31 Aug 1932

Wife of William Edward Gleaves

Gleaves, James A.

3 Jul 1908

17 Aug 1967

Son of Ben F. & Ella Ruth Courtney Gleaves

Gleaves, James Robertson

13 Mar 1799

9 Dec 1865

Son of Thomas & Sarah Smith Gleaves

Gleaves, Elizabeth Wood

16 Oct 1806

25 Oct 1872

Wife of James Robertson Gleaves

Gleaves, Anna E.

9 Sep 1847


Daughter of Robert Hughes & Mary T. Baker Gleaves

Gleaves, Thomas W.

30 Dec 1823

5 Jan 1892

Son of James Robertson & Elizabeth Wood Gleaves

Gleaves, Sarah G. W. Owens

14 Dec 1825

26 Sep 1877

Wife of Thomas W. Gleaves

Gleaves, E. Nathaniel

13 Jan 1861

14 Nov 1921

Son of James Franklin & Mary Alice Baker Gleaves

Gleaves, Martha Jane Ward

26 Dec 1865

11 Dec 1937

Wife of E. Nat Gleaves

Gleaves, N. Baxter

2 Dec 1903

30 Dec 1913

Son of E. Nat Gleaves & Martha Ward Gleaves

Gleaves, Ben F.

12 Sep 1878

11 May 1954

Son of J. Monroe & Mary Alice Gleaves

Gleaves, Ella R.

8 Jul 1878

1 Oct 1962

Wife of Ben Franklin Gleaves

Gleaves, William Gardner

5 Mar 1882

24 Oct 1954

Son of Wm. Edward & Eliza Ann Sanders Gleaves

Gleaves, Beulah Mae

Mar 1889

16 Jan 1960

Daughter of J. Monroe & Mary (unknown) Gleaves; wife of Wm. Gardner Gleaves

Gleaves, Henry Peter

2 Apr 1864

30 Apr 1910

Son of Thomas W. & Sarah Owen Gleaves

Gleaves, Sarah M. Pugh

10 Apr 1873

25 Apr 1941

Wife of Henry Peter Gleaves

Gleaves, James T.

2 Aug 1845

2 Sep 1945

Son of Robert Hughes Gleaves & Mary T. Gleaves

Humble, D. R.



Married two daughters of  James Robertson & Elizabeth Wood Gleaves

Humble, Sara Catherine Louisiana Gleaves

8 Jan 1845


Daughter of James Robertson & Elizabeth Wood Gleaves; first wife of D. R. Humble

Humble, Missouri Jane Gleaves

12 Feb 1832


Daughter of James Robertson & Elizabeth Wood Gleaves; second wife of  D. R. Humble

Hurt, Katie Gleaves

17 Jul 1872

4 May 1904

Daughter of Jacob Ballentine & Malisa Jane Gleaves Telford

Hurt, Thomas Henry

Aug 1872


Husband of Katie Gleaves Telford

Hurt, Herman

2 May 1899

4 Jan 1964

Son of Thomas H. & Katie Gleaves Hurt

Hurt, Virgil Edmond

19 Jun 1892

14 Jan 1988

Son of Thomas H. & Katie Gleaves Hurt

Hurt, Lawrence

no date

no date

Infant son of Thomas H. & Katie Gleaves Hurt

Sharpe, Mary Gleaves 

30 May 1911

18 Nov 1955

Daughter of Ben F. & Ella Ruth Gleaves; first wife of Murray Sharpe 

Sharpe, Murray 

5 Jun 1907


Husband of Mary Frances Gleaves 

Slaughter, Patricia T.

no date

no date

Daughter of Meusette Gleaves Teillman

Telford, Andrew Jackson

12 Sep 1855

11 Feb 1932

Husband of Malissa Jane Gleaves

Telford, Malissa J. Gleaves

7 Nov 1856

12 Sep 1932

Daughter of Wm C. & Delilah Baker Gleaves; wife of Andrew Jackson Telford

Telford, Walter

no date

no date

Son of Andrew Jackson & Malissa Gleaves Telford

Telford, Anne



Daughter of Andrew Jackson & Malissa Gleaves Telford

Ward, Kenson

23 Dec 1895

20 Dec 1930

Husband of Mallie May Gleaves

Ward, Mallie May Gleaves

11 May 1898

3 Mar 1925

Daughter of E. Nat. & Martha J. Ward Gleaves; wife of Kenson Ward

Williams, J. L.

12 Mar 1876

28 Nov 1893

Son of W.H.H. Williams & Cordelia Eliz. Gleaves Williams

Williams, William H. H.

9 Oct 1840

24 May 1919

Husband of Cordelia Elizabeth Gleaves

Williams, Cordelia Elizabeth Gleaves

1 Apr 1851

31 Jan 1938

Daughter of John R. & Adeline Jackson Gleaves; wife of William H. H. Williams

Hewgley, William R.

30 Jan 1871

6 May 1938

Son of Sarah Elizabeth Gleaves & Nelson Hewgley

Myrtle M Hewgley

17 Jul 1884

6 Mar 1971

2nd wife  of William R. Hewgley
Mary Myrtle Dies” 

Hill, Billie Jean Hurt 23 Jun 1931 11 Sep 1992

Daughter of Virgil Hurt; Grand daughter of Katie Gleaves

Williams, Leona P. Gleaves 6 Nov 1851 27 Jan 1891

Daughter of Sarah Owens & Thomas Wood Gleaves; wife of William S. Williams

Williams, Florence 24 Sep 1877 8 Feb 1944

Daughter of Leona P. Gleaves & William S. Williams



  • Not all people buried in this cemetery are listed.  Only those that had Gleaves directly connected to their names.


History of the Cemetery Location:

            The property on which the Cemetery is located was owned by John Crozier of Knoxville and sold to Thomas Gleaves 9 March 1820 (Book N. P.431, Davidson Co, TN).  Thomas Gleaves gave it to his son, James R. Gleaves, “for love and affection hath for his son”  on 5 Dec 1823 (Book Q. P. 388).   Thomas Gleaves originally purchased 374 acres and gave his son 166 acres. Thomas “gave” the remaining 208 acres of the tract purchased from Crozier to his eldest son, William B. Gleaves on 28 Aug 1827 (Book R, P.408 Davidson Co, TN.

            James R. Gleaves’ WILL recorded 15 May 1866 (Book 20, P.215, Davidson Co., Tenn) left his property to his wife and three daughters, Missouri, Louisiana, and Indiana, with the survivors inheriting their mother’s portion once she is deceased. A grandson, James M. Gleaves, was willed $50.  No mention of other children.  Tennessee and Alabama had died before his will. Daughter Virginia was still living but not mentioned.  Louisiana died in 1874 and Missouri in 1902. This left only Indiana.  Therefore she became the sole owner. She was married to “Doc Clements”. Thus, it is surmised this is how the property came to the Clements. The original old log house where Doc lived  was torn down in the 1980's and is believed to be the original house.

           Front and back of the Doc Clements house which is believed to be the original house built by James Robertson Gleaves and was located about 200 feet from the cemetery.

  James R. Gleaves and Eliza Wood Gleaves had 12 children, 6 girls and 6 boys.  All six of the girls were given the name of US state:

  • Tennessee Malvina Gleaves
  • Martha Ann VirginiaGleaves
  • Missouri Jane Gleaves
  • Elizabeth Alabama Gleaves
  • Caldonia IndianaGleaves
  • Sarah Catherine Louisiana Gleaves

Missouri, Indiana and Louisiana are known to be buried in this cemetery.

Alabama was married to Charles Tyler Jenkins and died in 1856. She could be buried in an unmarked grave.

Virginia is buried at 804 Austin Way on the old Jenkins Farm on Guill Rd. aka Martha Ann Virginia Gleaves Jenkins Cemetery in Wilson County.

Tennessee married John Harrelson and her place of burial is unknown.

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