Mount Liberty Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Bellsburg, Dickson County, Tennessee



          3655 Highway 49 E.
          Charlotte, Tennessee 37036


  • Bellsburg is about 18 miles east of Charlotte on the Ashland City road (Highway 49) near the Harpeth River
  • Cemetery is located across the road (south side) from the Church. 




Birth Date

Death Date



Gleaves, M. E. Lowe

31 Jul 1834

20 Feb 1907

Wife of Ezekial Smith Gleaves

Mary Elizabeth Lowe Gleaves

Johnson, J. B.

1 Jan 1843

30 Dec 1931

Father of Eustace Johnson

Jonathan B. Johnson

Johnson, Georgia Anne

15 Oct 1853

16 Feb 1921

Mother of Eustace Johnson


Johnson, James

10 Jan 1882

13 Jun 1914

Son of J. B. and G. A. Johnson


Johnson, Baxter Smith

24 Aug 1888

13 Jan 1927

Son of J. B. and G. A. Johnson


Johnson, Bertha Justice

7 Feb 1895

1 Feb 1960



Johnson, Eustace H.

8 Jul 1879

16 Oct 1930

Husband of Willie Bate Simpkins;

Father of Mary Louise Johnson; son of J. B. and G. A. Johnson

Eustace Harris Johnson

Johnson, Bate Simpkin

3 Oct 1882

26 Aug 1961

Daughter of Lizzie Mae Gleaves, Mother of Mary Louise Johnson Primm

Willie Bate Simpkins, Granddaughter of Ezekial S. Gleaves

Simpkins, L. M.

15 Apr 1857

16 Jan 1911

Wife of John  W. Simpkins, daughter of Mary Elizabeth & Ezekial Smith Gleaves 

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Mae (Gleaves) Simpkins

Simpkins, J. W.

31 Oct 1854

5 Jan 1936

Husband of Lizzie Mae Gleaves

John Wilkerson Simpkins

Simpkins, Marvin A.

20 Aug 1925

12 Mar 1926



Simpkins, Guy P.

2 Apr 1891

19 Aug 1963

Son of Lizzie Mae Gleaves

Guy Percy Simpkins

Simpkins, Buena Harper

9 Jan 1899


Wife of Guy P. Simpkins


Simpkins, Hugh E.



Son of Elizabeth Gleaves and John Simpkins

Hugh Eugene Simpkins

Simpkins, Fannie F.



Wife of Hugh Simpkins


Thach, R. Frank

31 Mar 1865

16 Jul 1919

Husband of Eva Eugenia Simpkins

Rufus Franklin Thach

Thach, Eva Simpkins

2 Apr 1877

16 Aug 1914

Daughter of Lizzie Mae Gleaves, Granddaughter of Mary Elizabeth Gleaves

Eva Eugenia Simpkins

Thach, Frank, Jr.


7 Aug 1901

Son of Eva Simpkins and R. Frank Thach


Primm, Jerry M.

25 Jan 1894

4 Sep 1983

Husband of Mary Louise Johnson


Primm, Mary Louise

25 Apr 1908

25 Aug 1982

Wife of Jerry M. Primm, daughter of Eutice and Willie Bate  Simpkins

Mary Louise Johnson Primm , Great granddaughter of Ezekial S. Gleaves



  • History of Dickson County, by Corlew, page 47: 

“During the 1820’s Cumberland Presbyterian churches were built throughout the county …(one at) Mount Liberty in the present vicinity of Bellsburg.” 

  • Information (dates and names) taken from Dickson County, Tennessee Cemetery Records, Part 1, Revised Edition pgs 161 -165

An active cemetery organization has placed small concrete stones at all graves in this cemetery, with names and dates when known, and marked “unknown” when not.  There are a great number marked unknown.

  • Ezekial Smith Gleaves was one of the Church founding deacons. He was the son of Matthew and Elizabeth Smith Gleaves.
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