Old Dozier Cemetery

Ashland City, Cheatham County, Tennessee


  • The cemetery is located off of Ashland City Highway/Hwy 12, heading west toward Ashland City.
  • A recent sign ‘Ashland City Limits’ is located on the right hand side of the road.
  • The cemetery entrance is directly opposite the sign on the left side of Hwy 12 and is located between two private homes.  The entrance looks like a private driveway.
  • The cemetery is on the right and is open to the public at all times.




Birth Date

Death Date


Hewgley, Sarah Elizabeth Gleaves

Jul 1847


Daughter of Sarah Owen & Thomas Wood Gleaves;
wife of Nelson Hewgley

Hewgley, Nelson R.



Husband of Sarah Elizabeth Gleaves

Hewgley, Tolbert Fanning

17 Sep 1890

27 Dec 1918

Son of Sarah Elizabeth Gleaves & Nelson R. Hewgley

Hewgley, Vergil Lee Davis

24 Jul 1892

20 Nov 1980

Wife of Tolbert Fanning Hewgley

Hewgley, Tolbertus Lee

6 May 1919

5 Feb 1998

Daughter of Vergil Lee Davis & Tolbert Fanning Hewgley



More detailed directions for finding the cemetery:

It is located on Hwy 12 (aka Ashland City Highway).  The house number is 2312 and the house next to it is 2308. 

The mailboxes are side by side.  You can see the cemetery gate from the road if you are really looking for it.  Almost directly across from the cemetery is a sign that says "Ashland City" and has an American flag there.  The house there has two chimneys and is on a slight rise.  There is also a house on the right side but bear to the left and there it is.


Directions via GoogleMaps

Click here to see a GoogleMaps image of tht Ashland City sign

Old Dozier Cemetery Relationships

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