P. M. Carver, Fuqua, Gleaves Cemetery

Wilson County, Tennessee


  • From Nashville go east on I-40 to exit 226A.
  • Turn south (right) onto Mt. Juliet Road.
  • Go 0.2 mile to Adams Lane.
  • Turn right onto Adams Lane and go 0.9 mile to Central Pike.
  • Go straight across Central Pike and onto John Hager Road. 
  • Go 0.2 mile on John Hager Road to Guill Road
  • Turn left onto Guill Road and go 0.8 mile.
  • The P. M. Carver , Fuqua, Gleaves Cemetery is on the left.




Birth Date

Death Date


Gleaves, Claude R.

17 Nov 1886

21 Sep 1971

Son of John Thomas & Luella Carver Gleaves

Gleaves, Delma

7 Oct 1903

12 May 1965

Wife of Claude Gleaves

Gleaves, Danny

30 Jan 1970 

3 Sep 1993

Son of Richard K. & Betty Jo Rose Gleaves

Gleaves, Betty R.

10 Jun 1938

19 Aug 1999

1st wife of Richard K. Gleaves

Gleaves, James Leo

15 Dec 1905

23 May 1939

Son of William Gardner & Beulah Mae Gleaves

Gleaves, Mattie Lois Jenkins

5 Feb 1904

18 May 1936

Wife of James Leo Gleaves

Gleaves, Roy Lee

8 Oct 1923

6 Nov 1923

Son of James Leo & Mattie Jenkins Gleaves

Gleaves, Martha Virginia 

27 May 1929

9 Dec 2003

Daughter of Claude R. & Rhoda Delma Fuqua Gleaves 



In the spring of 2004 when an elderly aunt died, the original deed to this old cemetery was found.  It was started in 1919 after an uncle died at 3 years of age. 
The deed showed that the cemetery was much larger than actually fenced.  At this point Owen Gleaves began the task of researching the deed at the County Courthouse, notifying the adjoining  property owners and preparing to enlarge the cemetery.  He worked on paperwork and details for months.  Working alone he cut down trees, burned brush, moved rocks and prepared the soil.    A cousin helped him purchase additional fencing which was installed after he had cleared the land.  In these pictures you see him continuing to work on the land.
In December of 2007,  200 daffodil bulbs were set out.  We had to wait until December because the weather was too warm to set them out earlier.   We have had very little winter here in Middle Tennessee so it is a surprise that any of them are blooming.
Alice Hix prepared a Plat showing all present graves and future grave sites. This was given to the local Funeral Home, Bond Memorial.  The deed states that only direct relatives of P.M. Carver may be buried in this cemetery.  Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents, aunts, uncles, a  nephew and a sister are buried here and we shall follow them.   Owen Gleaves says since he plans to spend a while in this cemetery, he wants it to be beautiful and peaceful.  It is extremely beautiful when the dogwood trees bloom in the spring.
The old Deed also identified the small cemetery located next to this one which had been taken over by the forest.  Owen also cleaned this one up and re-fenced it.  We had always been told that it was a slave cemetery but it is actually occupied by the orginal land owners.  We also researched this family and found distant relatives but no one living locally.  
This cemetery has touched others besides immediate family.  The salesman, who sold us the extra fencing and supervised its placement, worked with us while he was waiting for the body of his oldest son, a Marine, to be returned from Iraq.   He had tears rolling down his cheeks as he worked.  He said if he did not work, he could not bear the pain.  It took several weeks for his son's body to arrive home.  

by Fran Nichols, a future resident


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