Abstract of ELIZABETH Perce

PAR Number 21483518

State: Tennessee Year: 1835
Location: Williamson Location Type: County

Abstract: Elizabeth Pearce seeks a division of the slaves that remain in the estate of her late father, Michael Gleaves. She reports that her father died in 1811, possessed of three slaves named Bob, Phillis, and Luce. The petitioner "verily believes that said Michael Gleaves died intestate as to a final disposition of said negroes Bob, Luce & Phillis, and that upon the death of Rachel Gleaves, the mother of your Oratrix they have to be divided and distributed among the children." Asserting that her father "had made little or no advancement to her of any value," Pearce contends "that the large provision he made for most of the other children ... will give to her a large portion of said slaves." She argues, however, that the executors of said estate "intends to make sale of said slaves and talks of dividing the proceeds among the children & the representatives of the children." The petitioner, in strong opposition to said sale, believes that her rights are in jeopardy and that it is not safe for the slaves "to remain in the hands of an insolvent executor." She therefore prays that the executors be enjoined from selling any of said slaves and that "your Oratrixes just portion of said slaves be decreed to her by your Honor & a fair & legal division of said slaves be made."

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