Anecdotes on Charles R. Hewgley

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Per Marjorie Hewgley Northern, his middle name was Riley.

Birthplace from 1880 census. Tombstone photo available. Tombstone has birthdate of 1851. a 1900 census says Sep/1850.

1860 census shows him in Wilson Co. in parents home. Not listed anywhere in 1870 TN census (see notes on parents). In 1880 he is married and in Wilson Co. and in 1900 census is in Cheatham Co.

The 1900 census shows 10 children have been born, but only 9 living. 1910 census shows 11 children having been born but only eight still living.

In 1920 census, Nelson & Elizabeth are living in District 13 of Davison Co. In his home is Nelson (64), Elizabeth (76) son in law, Lewis Thompson,(43) daughter Nellie Thompson (35) grandaughter Mary Thompson (1 & 1/2 years)) and adopted son, Clifton Thompson, age 11.

According to Ruby Barnes, their granddaughter, Nelson was a 'big worker in the church...he always was at church regardless of conditions.His name is listed at Davis Lipscomb University as one of the cofounders of the church school in Nashville".

He named his son Tolbert after the famous Church of Christ preacher, Tolbert Fanning.

Elba Hewgley Oliphant, grandaughter of Nelson & Sarah, says she remembers "going over to their house, the house in the picture as a little girl. I also remember them auctioning off the house and all their thiongs - I think they just got to old to live there alone, so they were going to Nashville to live with someone in the family. I remember all their things in the front yard, and being auctioned off, and I was crying. someone took me away to distract me, but I was crying so hard I fainted, over them selling off their things and their house and I didn't think I'd ever get back there again." It should be noted that Sarah Elizabeth Gleaves Hewley suffered from poor health for years.