Collateral Families

Halsey Family:

Notes on JAMES HALSEY: Abraham and James HALSEY were listed on the 1782 Montgomery County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List; a Thomas Halsey was listed as early as 1773 in Virginia.

Thomas Halsey was not a mercenary of London as attributed to Thomas Halsey's letters of the 1640s. He was though a farmer and a very opinionated man as indicated by the early court records of Southampton.

James Halsey Marriage to Sarah Hildreth, daughter of Joseph Hildreth, on August 13, 1775 in Bloomingrove, Orange County, New York as listed in the New Windsor Presbyterian Church Marriage Records 1774-1796.

James Halsey is a descendant of the Southampton, Long Island, New York, Halseys (the Hildreths were also from that area during the same period of time before they  relocated north to Goshen, Orange County, New York). 

Hildreth Family:

In the 1760s Joseph Hildreth was appointed road master of the road from Cornwall to Goshen, New York. On September 10, 1763, Joseph Hildreth and John Wooly, both of Orange County, New York, borrowed sixty pounds from a Cadwallder Colden who was a wealthy loyalist and Governor of New York under the King.

Around 1773 Joseph Hildreth and John Wooly defaulted on their obligation and moved their families from the District of Goshen in the County of Orange, New York, to Montgomery County, Virginia (Montgomery County is now Wythe County, Virginia). Soon after these families arrived and settled in this area that is now Wythe County, Virginia, the son of Cadwallader Colden filed suit in the Montgomery County Courts against Joseph Hildreth and John Woolly for the sixty pounds. The documentation of these two legal documents is of insurmountable importance because they give us the origin of the Virginia pioneer, Joseph Hildreth. Little did Joseph know that his 6th and 7th generation descendants would use this documentation of his defaulted loan to determine his origin.  Joseph Hildreth's descendants who stayed on in Virginia for one reason or another have altered the spelling of their name from Hildreth to Heldrith. (End of excerpt from "The Heldreth Family.")

Belshee Family:

We have no information that Joseph Belshee actually went to Tennessee. He is mentioned in one of Abs' letters when Abs was trying to recover his loan to Belshee. Then another letter indicated that Belshee was going to contest his mother's Will which doesn't appear to have happened. Our information indicates that he was married in Virginia and then we found him in Ohio 1820/1830.

2. Joseph2 BELSHEE (John1 BELSHEE/BELSHA/BELSHEY) was born 02 April 1792 in Virginia, and died 25 February 1850. He married Hannah BLOUT 18 April 1811 in Virginia. She was born 08 September 1792. 

In the book "Lost Children of Wythe" by Kegley, page 102 - April 15, 1808, Joseph Belsha upwards of 14 years, orphan of John Belsha, deceased, chose Stephen Holsie his guardian. 

Children of Joseph BELSHEE and Hannah BLOUT are:  

3 i. Elizabeth3 BELSHEE, born 07 March 1812 in Virginia; died 23 March 1812.

4 ii. Tirzah BELSHEE, born 10 July 1814 in Ohio; died 14 April 1822.

5 iii. Sally Hildreth BELSHEE, born 02 December 1816 in Of Ohio.

6 iv. John BELSHEE, born 05 July 1820 in Of Ohio; died 22 October 1820.

7 v. Susan Anne BELSHEE, born 30 March 1822 in Of Ohio.

8 vi. Angeline BELSHEE, born 02 June 1825 in Of Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

9 vii. BELSHEE.10 viii. Joseph BELSHEE, born 26 September 1830 in Ohio.

11 ix. Mary Hannah BELSHEE, born 10 May 1836 in Ohio; died 04 January 1896. 

1820 - Joseph Belshee was in Madison, Ohio

1830 - Joseph Belshee was in Madison, Ohio