Daniel Clark Gleaves

from Fran Gleaves Nichols, January 29, 2010

I have always known that Clark (as we called him) Gleaves was adopted.  In Dennis' [Glaves] records, he lists him as Daniel Clark Gleaves.  His adopted father was Daniel Bass Gleaves, son of Joseph Harvey Gleaves and known in the community as Dan.  His adopted mother was Nettie Ruth Gleaves and known as Ruth. He was in my class at school.  He never married and died in 1995. 
In the relationship we have him as the grandson of Joseph Harvey.   He is buried in the John G. Gleaves cemetery.
I remember him.  He never quite fitted in with the rest of the class.  I remember him as being sort of a loner.  I wish I had known in elementary school that he was adopted as I would have tried to have been nicer to him.
You know it would be nice if life was reversed.  We know so much more when we are 70 about how to treat people than we did as children.