Ezekial S. Gleaves.

1866 minutes where the Mt. Liberty Church was established.  Elders signing the document included E. S. Gleves (Ezekial S. Gleaves).


Descendants of Ezekial Smith Gleaves.


Lizzie Mae Gleaves was the oldest child of Ezekial Smith Gleaves.  This is a list of her descendants.


from Lisa Walker, the Cheatham County Historian:

Here is what I have in my data base concerning Lowe Gleaves family (see page 4).  We also published some of the Betty Gleaves diary in several of our CCHGA newsletters starting in 2001. You can find them at http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~tncchga/bytes.htm.  The diary is located at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

Cheatham County does not have an archives.  We do have the Cheatham County Public Library which has a nice genealogy research room.  The historical association is located in the basement of the library and additional reference material may be found there but I would call ahead of time to see if any volunteers are working.  The number is 615-792-3623.