Isaac L. Gleaves & Maggie Tucker Myers

At this time, Isaac Gleaves cannot be connected as a descendant of Matthew Gleaves, but in the interest of research, this information is included here.

from a Contact email received January 21, 2010
NAME: Gail O'Neill

E-MAIL: geoneill @

MESSAGE: In the interest of sharing information Maggie Myers who was married to Isaac L. Gleaves in Davidson, TN is the widow of John Myers.  Her maiden name was Tucker.  she was the daughter of Harvey George Tucker and Amelia Williams.  Thank you for posting your impressive research.

Gail adds in a later email:

I am actually a Tucker descendant, not a Gleaves.  But, because the Gleaves are very trackable I sometimes search that surname to find my Tuckers nearby.  I have plenty on the Tuckers if the descendants of Isaac & Maggie need anything.

Here is what I have...
I included the birthplace of Isaac's parent's though I don't have the names.  I also I think Isaac has a military background that I have not researched.  Colonel seems to ring a bell.
The only deceased Lula Spencer I could find died at age 100 in Georgia, don't know if she's yours or not.

Issac Gleaves Descendants