Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, first Public School featured in the News


From Owen Gleaves:

This picture came out in the Mt. Juliet News this past week. It shows the First Public School built about 1878 on Juliet Gleaves' property.  Her property at that time was considered the town center.  With the arrival of the railroad, community activities moved about a half mile north to the railroad. We refer to it as moving down to the railroad due to her property being on a hill.

This picture is of the east side of the school and shows the school water well.  The well was an old pump type that you had to pump a lever up and down to get the water. I remember them when I was a child (tells how old I really am). You were lucky to get more than a cup or two from each pump of the lever.  Rufus Page, a friend of ours, had one rigged up in a old galvanized washing tub at his annual Mt. Juliet Home Coming just a few weeks ago.
Juliet Gleaves was married to Guy Trigg Gleaves, a son of Absalom Gleaves.  The Gleaves have been around Mt. Juliet a long, long time. No one has ran us out of town yet. Think I will hang around just a few more years.