2011 - The Care and Cleaning of the Thomas Gleaves Cemetery

For several years, Gleaves family members have been caring for this half acre cemetery located in the Burning Tree Apartment complex in Nashville, TN.  The cemetery is surrounded by a fence with a small gate opening.  During storms this past spring, many large trees fell damaging the fence.  This fence needs to be repaired and the gate replaced by a wider one to allow larger equipment access to keep the cemetery mowed.  The cost for these repairs is estimated to be about $500.  To support these family members who provide the physical labor with your financial contribution towards these repairs and continued upkeep of this cemetery as well as other Gleaves cemeteries (Absalom,  Michael and Gleaves-Clements), click here for the Contact page.  Let us know of your willingness to contribute any amount and detailed instructions will be emailed to you.  Thanks in advance for your support.

Broken gateDamaged fence



As you can see, the cemetery had become overgrown. 

   Out of Control

 Through various family contacts, including the Director of Metro Beautification and the Court Ordered Community Service program,  the Sheriff’s Crew for mowing and clearing of cemeteries  was enlisted to help get the cemetery cleaned up.  Prior to their arrival, Owen Gleaves cut the downed trees into manageable sizes that could be carried off.  On Wednesday morning, August 17, Metro Public Works trucks arrived with equipment and a crew of about 25 people including 5 supervisors to clear and clean the cemetery.  The workers were serving their court ordered community service sentences.  From the after pictures, you can see that they worked hard and did a good job.  See the gallery for all of the pictures of the cemetery cleaning.

Arrangements have been made to add this cemetery to the regular rounds of the Sheriff’s Crew and it will be cleaned three times a year.  In September they will return and rake the entire cemetery.