PDF File Help


What is a PDF file?
       PDF s
tands for Portable Document Format and is a file format developed by Adobe. The PDF format is independent of the software, hardware and/or operating system used to create the document.   This means a document could have been created in Notepad, Word, WordPerfect in a Windows or MacIntosh environment and then saved in a Portable Document Format so anyone could view the document using the Adobe Reader.

Where do I get the Adobe Reader?
Click here to get a downloadable version and follow the instructions on the site to download your reader.

The print is too small. How do I make it larger?
      On the Adobe toolbar, just to the left of center, you will see an icon that looks like a magnifying glass, with a + in it. Select this button and then click anywhere in the document.  Continue to click in the document until the print is the size you want.  Then select the hand icon so you can drag the document around for viewing.
     If the document is too large, select the drop down arrow just to the right of the magnifying glass.  Click on the arrow and select Zoom Out.  Click anywhere on the document until the size 'is just right' as Goldilocks would say.  Then select the hand icon to use to move around the document.

How do I print or copy the document?
      Select the Help button on the toolbar and then select Adobe Reader Help.  Then select the tab that best fits your needs: Contents, Search or Index.  If you need further help, use the contact form and enter your question with as much detail as possible.