GLEAVES, Maria Louise Crockett died March 23, 1878

Death of Mrs. Gleaves.-We are deeply pained to announce the death of Mrs. Maria L. Gleaves, wife of Dr. Samuel C. Gleaves, whose illness was briefly mentioned in the Enterprise last Wednesday.  She was taken suddenly sick last Saturday night, since which time her sufferings have been of the most acute character until relieved by death this morning, about 11 o'clock.  No lady of our acquaintance was more generally esteemed on account of her amiable and genial traits, and her Christian virtues and graces than Mrs. Gleaves.  She was one of the best of wives and mothers, a true friend, and an exemplary and useful Christian. She will be greatly missed in the family circle, in the Presbyterian Church, of which she had been for years a member, and in the community.   Mrs. Gleaves was 49 years of age. 

Funeral services will be held at the home of deceased to-morrow evening at 3 o'clock, after which the burial procession will be formed and the remains followed to their last resting place.

Southwest Virginia Enterprise, 23 March 1878 p. 3, col. 1


DEATH OF MRS. GLEAVES. - - It is with sorrow that we announce the death of Mrs. Maria L. Gleaves, wife of Dr. S. C. Gleaves, of this place.  A sudden illness, considered at that time to have been of a slight character, with which she was attacked on last Saturday a week ago, was the beginning of the intense suffering that she underwent during the seven days and which terminated in death at about 11 o’clock on Saturday morning.  Mrs. Gleaves was highly respected by all people as a Christian of unusual zeal and ability, and loved for all those beautiful traits of character which shown so brightly even in her simplest acts and conversation.  As a wife, mother, sister and friend she was the possessor of a charm that she used with such a happy effect as to draw all toward her in a magical way indescribable by works—it could be truly said, “none knew her but to love her.”  At the Presbyterian church on last Sunday morning a casual observer could have seen that some one loved was gone; the expression of solemnity on every face, and the oft’ repeated glance of the tearful eye to the pew she regularly occupied told in accents mournful that some one mighty in Israel had fallen.  She died in her 49th year and before the fatal sickness was enjoying a vigor of health that was surprising.


  The funeral services were conducted by her pastor, Rev. J. D. Thomas, assisted by Revs. Bays and Neal, at the residence of her husband, where a very large number of relatives and friends were gathered to perform the “last sad office.”  She was buried in the Presbyterian cemetery at three o’clock on last Sunday evening.


  The family have the sympathy of the entire community in a bereavement that falls on us all—for who shall succeed her in all the blessed works she has performed in secret?  There is none.  May the Lord reward her openly.



RESPECTFULLY DEDICATED to the memory of Mrs. M. L. Gleaves by one who loved her.  M. E. M.


Too holy sin’s dark maze to tread’

  Too feeble in this world to roam;

The Saviour knew this, and he said,

  “Go, angels! Bring my treasure home.”


Too pure to meet the world’s cold frown,

  Or in its care and toil to share;

The Lord prepared for her a crown,

  And said, “Go bring my treasure rare.”


“Oh! Why deprive us of our gem,

  Thou messenger of death and woe?”

“The Lord hath need.” He said, and then

  With noiseless tread, prepared to go.


Transplanted in the Home above,

  This flower, more beautiful, shall bloom;

Shall taste a fresh a Father’s love;

  And rest in peace—beyond the tomb.


Her name’s engraved on life’s fair tree;

  Secure from every stormy blast;

And she can sing, “Nearer to Thee;”

  “Nearer to Thee,” my God, at last.


Methinks I hear her tune her harp,

  And strike aloud the glorious chord—

“I am secure from sorrow’s dart.

  I dwell ‘Forever with the Lord.’”