1700s (31 Letters)

Letters written from 1700 through 1799

  Date Subject Written By Addressed To File #
1771-08-20 Turk v Rafferty Lawsuit Children of Matthew Gleaves Sr. Augusta Virginia County Court 472
1775-01-24 Apprenticeship of Matthew Glaves William & Matthew Gleaves John Finley 473
1780 Cost of items used to pay tithe (taxes) Michel Leese 1033
1781-10-20 Copy of original land grant of 106 acres John Tyler William Gleaves Sr 1230
1783-10-02 Letter 2241 James Monroe William Gleaves Sr 2241
1785-02-02 Receipt for taxes 1782 & 1784 Walter Crockett William Gleaves Sr 300
1785-03-18 Adjusting the Title of land for William Gleaves Patrick Henry William Gleaves Sr. 1103
1785-03-18 Copy of a Land Grant Patrick Henry William Gleaves Sr. 1102
1785-03-18 Virginia Land Office Grant Patrick Henry William Gleaves Sr 1241
1787-09-21 Letter 2243 Beverley Randolph John Crockett 2243
1788-04-12 Receipt of money Receipt William Gleaves Sr 121
1790 about Right of Settlement Commonwealth of Virginia (in shillings) William Gleaves Sr 137
1790-09-11 William Gleaves' Militia Commission James Wood (Militia of Wythe County) William Gleaves Sr 201
1792 Letter 1104 Philip Gaines Randolph Rutherford 1104
1792-01-23 Receipt of ten shillings Tristin J. Austin William Gleaves Sr 442
1793 Gleaves v Finley, Lawsuit over Apprenticeship Matthew Gleaves (son of Matthew Gleaves Augusta Virginia County Court 1239
1794 Arrest warrant against Gilliland and court costs John Campbell William Gleaves Sr 439
1794 Court Costs vs Samuel Gilliand D. Craig William Gleaves Sr 450
1794 Payment for attendance as witness Robert Crockett William Gleaves Sr 125
1796 Recommendation as Captain Robert Crockett William Gleaves Sr 444
1797 Court costs for Thomas Gleaves vs Landers Robert Crockett Thomas Gleaves 197
1797-01-05 Warrant for the Apprehension of the Slave Jacob The Commonwealth of Virginia, S. H. Sanders/Joshua Jones The Sheriff of Wythe County 1140
1797-01-09 Letter 1672 Randal Rutherford Robert Percival 1672
1797-09-25 Relinquishing Property Rights 1797 & 1800 Thomas Gleaves & Andrew Porter William Gleaves Sr 451
1798 Letter 1667 Robert Crockett Esther Woolman 1667
1798 Recording grant S. Crockett William Gleaves Sr 448
1798 Serving papers vs Montgomery W Thompson Thomas Gleaves 198
1798-11-18 Receipt for payment from Gleaves, Thompson, Sayers William Gleaves Sr. 123
1799 Anthony Rosenbum ordered to pay Wm Gleaves for serving as a witness Robert Crockett William Gleaves Sr 438
1799 Entering Pleas, Writ and Judgment versus Allen Robert Crockett William Gleaves Sr 132
1799-09-25 Sale of 35 acres on a branch of Cripple Creek to Randolph Rutherford, Sr. James & Sarah Newell Randall Rutherford 430